Nice crisp November day

Snowed a little bit.  This is what I see when I go outside for a walk with the dog.
Its so nice to get up around 7:00 am every morning. The dog comes in to wake me up. He's got an alarm clock in his head
We have oil heat and everybody knows how expensive that is. So we added a new source and it's a pellet stove. Keeps the house nice and warm but it doesn't seem to go any farther than a couple two three rooms, doesn't do much for the kitchen, so we have to have a small heater out there cuz we don't don't turn the heat on.
Cost about $6.30 per bag and it last for about a day. It was costing us almost 600 dollars for a tank of oil and it lasted about 45 days.
It cost us I think $1,200 for the stove and 399 dollars for the vet kit and $89 for The pad it sits on to stop the floor from getting hot and some odds and ends. I think the whole thing cost us about $2,000.