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Plead The 5th - Go To Jail.

  Why in the hell does a cop think it’s OK to call the employer of this lady, he’s given her a ticket and he’s trying to get her fired too. What a disgrace no wonder people hate the police. In the State of Florida window tint violations are categorized as non moving, non criminal traffic infractions. Window tint violations are basically nothing more than equipment fix it tickets that are considered to be the lowest level violation of Florida’s traffic laws.  However, window tint investigations are unique in that the driver would need to take the very specific action of participating in the Officers investigation against them by putting the window in a position so that the officer can place his tint meter on the window.  After researching Florida’s window tint statute I can see nothing in the language of the statute that requires a driver to participate in an officers window tint investigation, nor do I see any criminal penalties for refusing to participate in a window tint investigatio

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