Cop Realized He Fractured The Skull Of Innocent Guy (Update)

 Around 5:40 a.m. on March 4, 2022, deputies of the Paulding County Sheriff's Office, Georgia, got calls that a man with a backpack was trying to break into vehicles. Deputy Michael McMaster was assigned to respond to the incident.

Around the same time, a young man named Tyler Canaris was on his way to work and had his backpack as he walked by the roadside. When Deputy McMaster saw Canaris, he quickly concluded that he was the suspect. So, he got down from his patrol vehicle and, without any explanation, began ordering Canaris to remove his backpack and put his hands behind his back.

Canaris was confused since he had not committed any crime. Because Canaris tried to defend his innocence verbally, Deputy McMaster quickly lost his temper and violently slammed the young man to the ground, severely wounding him.


Sheriff's office fires deputy seen on video body-slamming man to ground during arrest

A Paulding County sheriff's deputy seen on video body slamming a man during an arrest is no longer employed by the sheriff's office.

The Paulding County Sheriff's Office confirmed to FOX 5 that Michael McMaster was terminated on Feb. 27 due to other policy violations. McMaster is accused of slamming 30-year-old Tyler Canaris to the ground during an arrest in March 2022.

Canaris says it was about 6 a.m. when was walking to work and was stopped and questioned by the former deputy. Authorities say Canaris was stopped because he matched the description of a suspicious person they received a call about who was breaking into cars.

The incident was captured on dashcam video. In the video, the deputy can be heard telling Canaris to take his backpack off and put his hands behind his back. Moments later, the video shows the deputy slamming Canaris on the ground. Officials with the sheriff's office stated Canaris did not comply with the deputies commands. 

Canaris asks, "Excuse me, what am I doing wrong?"

Sheriff's officials say Canaris didn't comply.

Canaris was rushed to the hospital at the time to be treated for his injuries.

Sheriff's officials say it was later determined he was not breaking into cars, but he was charged with obstruction of Justice, and is still facing those charges.

Attorneys representing Canaris released a statement in response to McMaster's termination:

"We are pleased that the Paulding County Sheriff's Office has finally taken action and fired Deputy Michael McMaster for the illegal use-of-force used against Tyler Canaris. However, the fact that the Paulding County Sheriff's Office watched this video almost a year ago and determined that the use-of-force was appropriate is unconscionable.
It wasn't until public outrage at the release of dashcam video of this horrific incident that the sheriff's office took any action and only then placed former Deputy McMaster on desk duty.
This is the very reason we have asked the Department of Justice to investigate the Paulding County Sheriff's Office. They obviously can't police themselves.
The Paulding County Solicitor's Office now needs to do the right thing and drop the criminal charge against Tyler Canaris.

We have sent an official demand to Paulding County to resolve the civil case and will continue our pursuit of justice on behalf of Tyler Canaris so that others may avoid a similar fate while interacting with the Paulding County Sheriff's Office." - Shean Williams and Sam Starks of The Cochran Firm - Atlanta and Torris Butterfield. 

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation was requested to investigate the incident. The GBI report has not yet been released. 


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