Officer gets indicted after fatally throwing 65 year old to the ground.

Another sociopath with a badge, they get off on inflicting pain.

A Dickinson Police Department sergeant, Michael Kinsley, faced indictment on Thursday from Galveston County grand jurors, marking the latest development in a contentious police brutality case. The charges stem from a February 2022 altercation involving then-65-year-old Michael Scurlock, who suffered a traumatic brain injury.

Sgt. Kinsley faces a felony charge of intentional injury to an elderly person and a misdemeanor charge of official oppression. The felony charge carries a potential prison sentence of up to 10 years, while the misdemeanor could result in a maximum of one year in jail. According to the grand jury's findings, Kinsley caused Scurlock's body and head to strike the ground during the incident and neglected to provide him with timely medical attention while he was in custody. They concluded that Kinsley unlawfully arrested, detained, and mistreated Scurlock. Footage from Kinsley's body camera, released by the Houston Landing in late 2023, captured the altercation, showing Scurlock being thrown to the ground during an investigation into a minor traffic accident. Despite Scurlock going motionless for about three minutes, Kinsley's efforts to provide assistance were minimal. Even after medical personnel arrived, Kinsley failed to inform them of Scurlock's loss of consciousness. Additionally, he neglected to seek further medical attention when Scurlock complained of pain and dizziness while being transported to jail. Scurlock's condition deteriorated while in custody at the Dickinson city jail, as evidenced by video footage showing him unable to walk without assistance and experiencing severe pain the day following the altercation with Kinsley. Ultimately, Scurlock spent two weeks in intensive care with a brain bleed and passed away in December 2022, nine months after sustaining the injury. Although his death certificate attributed his demise to Parkinson's disease, doubts were raised by Beli


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