8 foods that will make you fail a breathalyzer test - Virginia DUI lawyer explains

 A Virginia DUI lawyer demonstrates how 8 food can make you fail a breathalyzer test because of something called mouth alcohol. Mouth alcohol is when there is trace amounts of alcohol in your mouth. Small amounts of mouth alcohol can cause extreme high false breathalyzer readings. However, mouth alcohol evaporates rather quickly in normal situations. Here are some foods that can cause false breathalyzer readings: Orange Juice, Honey Buns, Cliff Bars, White Bread, Hot Sauce, Non-Alcohol Beer, Vanilla Extract, and Listerine mouth wash. Attorney Luke Nichols and Officer Manager Dan Stevens from the Law Firm of Nichols & Green pllc in Fairfax, Va. test several foods and urban legends to get to the bottom of what food will actually create false breath test readings. For more information about DUI laws and DUI defenses in Virginia check out our website at http://nicholsgreen.com/


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